March 15, 2011

Welcome to Deglazing the Doughnut

If you are reading this you have found your way here to 'deglazing the doughnut'.
Thank you for checking out the site.

Some of my Buddhist friends and I have been talking about Buddhism, an Eastern spiritual practice and in what ways it works here in the West and in what ways it doesn't work and how it could be more viable for Westerners.  We've talked about the many stories of teachers having inappropriate relationships with students, extramarital affairs and the abuse of power by Buddhist teachers. We've discussed Lay Ordination verses Priest Ordination.  

We came to realize that there are endless amounts of topics and we felt that 'deglazing the doughnut' might be a good place to come and express our interests, questions and concerns in hopes  that we could support one another, share our concerns and insights and possibly find answers to some of our questions as well as yours.  We look forward to reading about what is on your minds and in your hearts.

Gassho, Chikai

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  1. Thank you for beginning this, more later. :)


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